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The performative aspect of the pastorella has later been renewed by Adam de la Halle in his "Jeu de Robin et Marion", a theater play interspersed with songs, written around 1270 or 1280. The knight is being ridiculed by the refusal of the shepherdess who loves Robin. In both situations, the figurative language of the knight seems to be ridiculed by the direct, honest and "mesured" words of the peasant girl.

The image reflects not only the equality in gender status characterizing the dialogues but also the alternative movement of the dialogue reflected in the picture by the alternative movement of the chess pieces. As in the chess game, an elaborate strategy is used in order to win (the debate).

"Abstracted from the processes of life, oblivious to time, they sustain the present indicative of pleasure until, as Sokrates says, they escape their own notice having died."
- Anne Carson, Eros the Bittersweet

[Image 1: "Love Locked Out," Anna Lea Merritt]